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Varifocal lenses with FreeForm technology
Varifocal lenses with FreeForm technology

With the CHRISTMAS PROMO from brillen.co.uk it can't get any cheaper!

1 Pair of premium varifocal lenses with innovative FreeForm technology 

now only £37 including a FREE Eye Test*

and 50% discount on ALL frames, lenses & upgrades! 

Did you know? Premium progressive lenses of this quality can normally cost up to £400!

The offer at a glance:

  • Custom-made Premium varifocal lenses with innovative FreeForm technology
  • FREE Eye Test*
  • No-risk 12-weeks 100% money-back guarantee
  • Glasses insurance against damage or changes in vision
  • + 50% on all frames
  • + 50% on all upgrades

Custom-made Premium varifocal lenses now only: £37 instead of up to £400

What does FreeForm mean?

Thanks to the innovative FreeForm technology, you can enjoy a wider view in all areas - individually adapted to the needs of your eyes! In contrast to standard varifocal lenses, with FreeForm lenses the different areas of vision can be precisely adapted to your visual measurements, so that a smooth transition without distortion between the near, middle and far area is created within the lens. As a result, you not only enjoy a much better view than with standard lenses, the viewing zones are also significantly wider. Another plus point: Your eyes get used to your new varifocals faster!

Discover our unique world of frames! Designed in Paris!

Save 50% Christmas discount on all frames from brillen.co.uk


Secure your 50% Christmas discount here to get progressive lenses for only £37 instead of up to £400

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"Excellent customer service great quality variety of frames to choose from. They answered all my questions went over all my options. I'm excited to get my new glasses."


"These are an excellent value. I've purchased two pairs and both have been great. The lenses are clear and fully functional. They have a nice selection of frames to choose from. I picked a tortoiseshell on my last pair and I've gotten several compliments. They fit well on my face. A terrific value for the price!"


"Love my new glasses. They are everything I expected them to be."


*brillen.co.uk grants a discount of 50% on all varifocal lenses, their add-ons and frames from the brillen.co.uk collection (the price example shown includes 2 modern Freeform varifocal lenses made of lightweight plastic in index 1.50 with anti-scratch and hard coating; pair price without discount: £ 79). The discounts are only applied when buying brillen.co.uk lenses in combination with the purchase of a frame of your choice from the brillen.co.uk collection. With all offers a 100% money back warranty is included within 12 weeks starting from invoice date as well as a free glasses damage insurance for the paid pair of glasses to cover damages to lenses and frame as well as a new pair of glasses in the event of a change of prescription from 0.50 dpt. for the first 12 months from the date of your purchase; deductible is only 25% of the full retail price. Eye test is included, the digital health check costs £20. - no discounts apply. Delivery area as far as technically possible and while stocks last. An offer by brillen.co.uk, Mittenwalder Str. 9, 12529 Schönefeld, Germany. The promotion is valid until 15/01/2022 (registration date) and can be adjusted and extended at any time with regard to discount amount, promotion period and quota.