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Only until the 31st October**: The brillen.co.uk summer sale! Everything must go!

Our brand quality varifocals featuring the latest technology are now available at an outlet price of only £109*. With the brillen.co.uk summer sale you'll save twice as much: For every purchase of our new technology varifocal glasses you get a 2nd pair of glasses for free!*

SpecsFactory partners with over 100 opticians throughout the UK. A special agreement is in place to help create appointments for our customers only. On these limited dates brillen.co.uk customers receive their varifocal glasses in brand quality with price savings of up to 70%! You can now purchase at a local partner optician near you at outlet prices and even get the 2nd pair of glasses for free!*

This is what you can expect from the summer sale:

  • New technology varifocal lenses with 30% larger fields of vision
  • Including a frame worth £75* with free choice of over 100 styles
  • Free, professional eye test*
  • Spectacle Damage Insurance*
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • The 2nd pair of glasses free as a gift*

The brillen.co.uk summer sale: Only available until the 31st October 2020!**


Simply register with your mobile number until 31.10.2020** and get your ticket with the offer sent to you by TEXT. You can then redeem it at a partner optician close to you. The best way to avoid waiting times is to make an appointment using our system.

Secure "varifocal glasses" until 31.10.2020** for only £109 and get 2nd pair of glasses for free*! 


Your visit to brillen.co.uk contactless and safe!

Quality guarantee

Request an offer ticket now - free of charge and without any obligation <<<

* The offer includes 2 innovative FreeForm varifocal lenses made out of lightweight organic material (1.50 Index, CR39) with a robust scratch-resistant treatment included as well as a voucher worth £75 for your choice of a frame from our collection (selection may vary per optician). When buying a pair of varifocal glasses from the brillen.co.uk collection you will receive another pair of varifocal glasses comfort worth £109 for free. The second pair of glasses are available in the basic version, optional extras are only available at extra charge. The offer already includes two freely selectable frames from the brillen.co.uk collection worth £75 each. Both glasses must be ordered on the same day.Also included: 100% satisfaction guarantee with one-time exchange right within 3 months for another pair of varifocals or two single vision glasses. Free spectacle damage insurance for the paid glasses (focus Assekuradeur GmbH, Mittenwalder Str. 9, 12529 Schönefeld, Germany) to cover changes in vision (from 0.50 dpt) and breakage within the first 12 months from the date of purchase with a 25% personal contribution.  Basic Eye Test (worth £20) included if needed with purchase only.  An Eye Test fee of £20 is payable if no glasses purchase is made from our range.  Any additional tests/scans for an enhanced eye exam are additional charged. Delivery range as far as technically possible and while stock lasts. This is an offer by brillen.co.uk Germany Ltd, Mittenwalder Str. 9, 12529 Schönefeld - Germany. This offer may not be combined with other discounts and promotions.

** This offer is valid until 31.10.2020 (registration date). Both the duration of the offer and the quantity may subject to change by SuperVista AG.