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Our frame collections - get 50% off now!
Our frame collections - get 50% off now!
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The brillen.co.uk world of frames - from design to production

Our design team in Paris hand-creates each frame with the utmost care and love. Current fashion trends serve as inspiration, of course, but also everyday situations, feelings and moods. This makes each frame unique and reflects a special character.

With us you buy not only a frame, but a feeling and a heart project of our team.

In addition to the design, however, another important point also plays a role: the material, because...

... it's not just the "look", but the "feel" as well

Your frame is on your face for a long amount of time, with direct skin contact. This means it is very important that we use only the best materials to avoid irritation of the skin.

In our worldwide collection, you will find frames made of cellulose acetate, anti-allergic aircraft plastic or hyposensitive titanium, among others.


Acetate – an organic product

Acetate sheets are used to create frames in every colour variations. Acetate is a natural product! It is obtained from cellulose, an organic fiber. The starting material for the extraction of acetate is cotton.

Flex technology - pliable and flexible

Have you ever broken a temple of your filigree metal frame? Or are you looking for a particularly soft and adaptable material? Then we have the right thing for you: frames with Flex technology. These frames can be easily bent and adjusted, but retain their shape. This makes them extremely robust, but they hug the shape of your head and ears perfectly so you can wear them comfortable for the whole day.


Good to know:

At brillen.co.uk our big Christmas promotion just started! You now get 50% discount off all progressive and single vision lenses as well as frames and upgrades!

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